Improving Sales Effectiveness with Insights-based Comprehensive Dashboards

Created sales force effectiveness dashboards for a major pharmaceutical company to provide comprehensive information and insights on how their sales team is performing on a monthly basis. Challenge The client’s leadership team did not have a single view of how … Read More

Hospital Segmentation to Understand the Demand for Speciality Products

Segmented all hospitals in the US to understand which hospitals have a demand for the client’s specialty product. Challenge The client is a major specialty pharmaceutical company producing immunoglobulin therapy medicines. Their specialty pharma product was being used by a … Read More

EMR Outreach Strategy

For a pre-launch specialty drug, we created an EMR strategy to understand which doctors use what kind of EMRs (cloud based, practice maintained, or health system maintained) to prioritize EMR messaging and EMR tactics. Challenge The client was launching a … Read More

Prioritization and Allocation of Cases to Reduce EU FMD Alerts

Leveraged data and analytics to implement a technology solution to help a leading Indian pharma company manage scan alerts and minimize future revenue losses. Challenge The client  has been receiving ~1k unsuccessful scan alerts daily (based on first half of … Read More

Athena for Marketing: Driving Innovative Marketing Strategies

Monitored the performance of the sales team and improved its marketing strategy for the cattle feed business through interactive dashboards built by leveraging data across multiple sources. Challenge Our client is a leader in the animal feed business with 70%+ … Read More