Created sales force effectiveness dashboards for a major pharmaceutical company to provide comprehensive information and insights on how their sales team is performing on a monthly basis.


The client’s leadership team did not have a single view of how their sales force was performing. Their existing reporting structure resulted in them getting information from various teams at different cadences.

The client wanted a consolidated platform along with drill-down capabilities, which would help them in understanding where their sales were showing growth and where more effort was needed.


  1. We worked with the client to create a data repository across multiple business units and external data sources
  2. Understood the leadership’s requirements and created dashboard prototypes on Tableau. Worked with various user groups to customize and freeze the requirements before creating the final dashboards
  3. Created drill down capabilities to monitor the performance of individual sales directors and territory sales managers
  4. Updated and shared the dashboards on a monthly basis with new data 
  5. Facilitated a feedback mechanism which leads to half-yearly updates on the basis of user feedback and changing requirements


Monthly updated dashboards created on Tableau and shared across the leadership team for effective monitoring.