Supply Chain & Shipping

Predictive Maintenance: Anomaly Detection and Resource Allocation for Field Operations

Built and implemented anomaly detection and effective resource allocation for field operations for an oil and gas company. Challenge The client was an upstream gas producer with 500+ wells in remote areas with minimal or no operators present on ground … Read More

Supply360: Procurement Cost Optimization

Procurement cost framework for a leading manufacturer in animal feed and agribusiness. Challenge Our client is a leading manufacturer in animal feed and agribusiness with 25+ manufacturing plants and multiple warehouses across India. Their procurement of raw material, chemicals and … Read More

Supply Chain – Freight Optimization

Cost-Effective Shipping With The Power Of Supply Chain Freight Optimization Introducing The Client Our esteemed client stands is a global pharmaceutical manufacturing leader, renowned for its exceptional contributions to the healthcare industry. With an extensive international presence, they export a … Read More

Supply Chain – Route Optimization with Demand Forecasting and Dynamic Driver Allocation Engine

Meeting The Success Of Route Optimization With The Power Of Dynamic Driver Allocation Introducing The Client We proudly introduce our client, a dynamic Chicago-based healthy food delivery start-up. Their innovative hub-and-spoke distribution model and a user-friendly web/app platform empower customers … Read More