Optimize your procurement costs through our AI-enabled workflow application. Firms that use digital to manage tail spend can cut their annual expenditures by 5% to 10%


What we address


Embedded Inefficiencies

Multiple vendors supplying same items across different locations and with different TATs and SLAs with last minute decisions


Invisible Costs

High maintenance cost for low value vendors alongside price differences for similar items and low ticket size for vendors leading to high audit costs


Invisible Risks

In many cases, smaller procurements are without proper contracts and don’t follow corporate governance policies leading to higher reputation risks

Built on industry leading data engineering and modern AI design principles

Our pre-built data models and ADEF frameworks help in integrating Supply360.ai with ERP seamlessly and quickly


Real time assessment of procurement spending

Continuously monitor procurements across organization with role based access


Proactive rationalization of tail spending

No more dependencies on annual reviews; monthly review dashboard for executive management


Direct savings of 10%+ of procurement costs

Identify savings opportunities

Leverage our offering for accelerated growth

Enable predictive analysis to foresee challenges


Self learning recommendation engine

Model self learns from the action taken against recommendations to
improve over time


Pre-built data models for ERP integration

Continuously monitor procurements across organization with
role based access


Multi-dimensional modeling

Multidimensional models to segment vendors into various archetypes
and actions - and perform interventions


AI engine for vendor grouping

Natural Language Processing and text mining algorithms to group vendors together (i.e., multiple entities of same company together)

Gain a competitive advantage by making your data talk