Identifying Key Opinion Leaders: A guide by Think360

Key opinion leaders (KOLs) are esteemed medical experts who have an important role in pharmaceutical companies. As medical science becomes more complex and the demand for niche products and treatments grows, KOLs are set to play an even more important role at each stage of the drug lifecycle. This whitepaper focuses on the key attributes of KOLs, their motivations and expectations and how pharma companies must adopt a comprehensive strategy to identify and engage with KOLs in the long term. … Read More

Reimagining Healthcare Delivery: Humanizing AI-enabled Remote Engagements

For the already overburdened healthcare system, video consultations could prove to be a reliable, convenient and cost-effective solution to bridge the gap in healthcare availability for various patient segments.This paper highlights the current stresses and challenges faced by telemedicine as a practice, proposes opportunities for value-driven change, discusses benefits for both healthcare personnel and patients and presents options for a way forward. … Read More

Algo360 Annual Performance Report – April 2020 to March 2021

The Algo360 Annual Performance Report is a concentrated, sample population based insight report that provides statistical information about Algo360’s consumer database across different financial domains. Leveraging this report can help individuals and institutes understand consumer behaviour over the year.
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