Unlocking Insights For Transforming Real Estate Financing with Portfolio Health Dashboards

Introducing The Client

Our client is a prominent player in the real estate financing sector, with a strategic mission of providing unwavering support to developers. They hold a substantial position within this dynamic industry, where they play a pivotal role. Key to their operations is the consistent flow of vital information, as they receive essential quarterly and monthly updates directly from the real-estate developers. These updates provide crucial insights into the progress and status of various real estate ventures.


Our client, with substantial exposure to real estate developers, relied on quarterly and monthly project status updates from developers. However, their manual portfolio monitoring reporting system resulted in delays and inaccuracies. The absence of a centralized data source compounded these issues, affecting efficiency.


To enhance efficiency, the client aimed to create an interactive Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard. This dashboard would enable real-time trend analysis and provide a comprehensive view of their real estate finance portfolio’s health.


Client hesitations revolved around the implementation of the BI Dashboard, including concerns about technology adoption, data integration, and potential disruptions in their existing processes. Nevertheless, the client recognized the need for this transformation to optimize their portfolio management.

Empowering Real-Time Portfolio Management With Our Data-Driven Approach

Our approach to assisting the client involved several key elements. Firstly, we developed a Red-Amber-Green (RAG) dashboard and a query-based Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard. These tools provided a comprehensive assessment of risk at various stages of the loan lifecycle, facilitating timely and relevant actions. Additionally, we designed and implemented an SQL-based data mart capable of handling all analytics and reporting needs, ensuring data accuracy and accessibility for the client.

To empower real-time monitoring of their real estate finance portfolio, we created self-service dashboards with drill-down capabilities. These dashboards, powered by Tableau, offered micro-level insights, enhancing the client’s ability to make informed decisions and optimize their portfolio management processes.

A Data Driven Story Transforming Real-Time Portfolio Monitoring

We streamlined real-time portfolio monitoring for a real-estate financing company by implementing user-friendly BI dashboards, a centralized SQL-based data mart, and Tableau-powered self-service dashboards. This transformation allowed for quick risk assessment, trend analysis, and micro-level insights into the portfolio’s health. As a result, the workload of three employees was significantly reduced, improving operational efficiency and empowering the client to make informed decisions.

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