Created a reactivation campaign by fostering customer engagement and monitoring customer purchase data to generate insights. This ensured a better understanding of customer behaviour which in turn enabled the client to drive customer retention.


The client was a leading global specialty retailer of health and nutrition related products. They wanted to leverage the power of data to engage the one-time buyer customers and convert them into regular customers.

Traditionally, the client had been using a “one-size fits all” approach for marketing, by using the same messaging for all customers. As a result, they had a high churn problem, with only one-third of the customers doing repeat business. 

The client wanted to create and implement tailored campaigns based on customer behaviour.


  1. Analyzed customer behaviour across channels, product categories, discounts, loyalty programs and repeat behaviour
  2. Implemented product association using apriori algorithm (market basket analysis) so as to understand customer purchase patterns
  3. Created customer segments which are differentiated on product affinity, channel preference among other factors
  4. Designed a reactivation campaign which laid down the messaging factors, timing, and channel of customer outreach 
  5. Tested reactivation campaign through A/B testing and measured the impact of new campaigns against general campaign
  6. Created Tableau based dashboards to analyse and monitor segment behaviour


Customer reactivation increased by 17% and repeat customer basket value was higher by 9% for the customized messaging group compared to the control group.