The client wanted a single Loan Origination System (LOS) which could support loan applications from multiple channels, such as offline methods (POS), partner apps, partner websites, their own app etc.


  1. The client’s legacy LOS could handle only offline applications and was unable to fulfill the needs of newer channels. 
  2. The system needed to support multiple APIs from different integrations and decision engines. 
  3. It required the capability to integrate with partner websites/ apps to work as a payment method. 
  4. The system needed to have a configuration module to set pricing policies for each partner.


We delivered a highly customized Loan Origination System with a lot of custom integration capabilities.


Our solution enhanced the client’s offerings with:


  1. Mobile App for customers with the following capabilities:
    • Self initiated Journey
    • Upload documents directly from Mobile App – OCR Functionality
    • Alternate score from the app
    • Instant decisioning based on credit score, alternate score and credit rule engine

        2. SDK/widget journey integrated with partners, that offered:

    • Lead generations using partners mobile app or website
    • Single LOS across channels
    • Reusability of API

The new LOS helped the client onboard over 1 million customers within six months without any physical/manual verification by their partners.