Lead Data Scientist

JD – Lead – Data Science

We are looking to hire a Data Science Lead for our Product Algo360: Algo360 is an analytics-based alternate data product for financial institutions based on NLP and Machine learning. It evolves as market leader alternate data product for the lending organization which takes care of all their need for credit risk in retail loans.

Principal responsibilities: –

  • Create data products and solutions which help millions of Indians in getting their credit needs met
  • Lead the charter of all analytical research and development activities for the product 
  • Work with clients to identify opportunities to build insights that help clients accurately make decisions 
  • Be the custodian of validating, approving and disproving hypotheses and business cases around new and existing data products 
  • Enhance the existing credit risk score • Work towards improving the fill rates of key variables/insights 
  • Use innovative techniques to create proxy variables that aid decision making for clients 
    • Significantly contribute towards ideation, execution, go to market for the product roadmap development 
    • Create and Maintain testing and accuracy monitoring framework to continuously Identify and debug outliers and anomalies 
    • Create and maintain Data Sandbox to enable research and data mining for statistical modeling  
  • Build, maintain and improve ML models to improve overall accuracy 
  • Build and maintain credit risk scores for different lending products like Personal Loan, Consumer Durable Loan, Short term Instant loan, etc 
  • Build, own and maintain the calculations and algorithms for all the insights that are generated from Algo360 
  • Build and maintain product analytics for clients that have gone live to inform proactive insights around product stability & accuracy.


  • More than 5 years’ experience in working on data problems and 3+ years in credit risk modeling 
  • Experience of team handling, and client management • Very high problem-solving skills Strong mathematical, and modeling skills 
  • Demonstrable experience of having created a huge impact on data analysis and statistical modeling 
  • Proficient with Statistical modeling and understanding of association mining 
  • Proficient and hands-on with R/Python/Ultrix 
  • Working knowledge of query processing language and automation