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AI for Business

Our Experienced Team Helps You Navigate Possibilities To Accelerate Growth, and Reduce Costs While Amplifying Impact

AI for Business

A fully integrated suite of Platforms and Solutions at the intersection of Data, Algorithms, Technology and Business.

Through cutting-edge AI and ML solutions and analytics backed by data as a foundation, We are here to empower your business with innovative technologies that enhance research, development, and operational processes.Experience the transformative impact of our expert team, dedicated to elevating your business to new heights and simplifying your life. We specialize in making your business thrive, while ensuring your journey is smoother and more manageable than ever before.

Ultimately, make your business better, easier and simplified by driving technological advancements in the Pharma and Lifesciences industry.

AI for Business



AI for Business



AI for Business



AI for Business



Our Solutions

Revolutionize, Innovate, Excel Your Path to AI-Driven Pharma Success With Us

AI for Business
AI for Business

Data Analytics As A Platform

A hipaa compliant platform designed to handle vast and complex healthcare datasets, benefit from our advanced data management, analytics, and reporting capabilities that streamline processes and offer actionable insights.

  • Identify high-potential market opportunities for successful market entry
  • Prioritize data security with our platform’s robust security measures
  • Harness innovative analytics tools to uncover patterns and trends
  • Get improved patient care through personalized treatments

Analytics As A Service

Empower your commercial organization by providing a robust and scalable analytics solution. Access real-time insights, predictive modelling, and intuitive data visualizations to derive meaningful conclusions.

  • Optimize your Salesforce structure, territories, incentives, and processes
  • Align data-driven incentives with sales objectives to drive desired outcome
  • Transform complex healthcare data into clear and actionable visualizations
  • Gain instant access to real-time data insights for quicker decision-making
AI for Business
AI for Business

AI & ML Capabilities

From accelerating drug discovery to crafting treatment plans as unique as you are, our advanced algorithms and ML models redefine what’s possible. Enhance diagnostics, predict outcomes and optimize operational processes now!

  • Expedite drug discovery for more targeted and efficient results
  • Personalize treatment plans ensuring a truly patient-centric approach
  • Efficient AI and ML models to align with your business requirements
  • Predicting potential health issues for your patients for proactive healthcare.
AI for Business

Our Areas of Focus!​

AI for Business


Gain actionable insights into physicians, patients, sales and marketing activities to drive commercial strategies and increase market penetration​

AI for Business

Market Access

Unlock Market Access Excellence with advanced analytics, strategic insights, and tailored approaches, ensuring your products maximize access and profitability​

AI for Business

HUB Services​

Revolutionize patient services with our AI and ML-infused HUB solutions, harnessing advanced analytics to deliver personalized and impactful healthcare experiences​

Case Studies

Possibilities,Transformation & Impact in Action


Let’s collaborate to answer your questions about our services and platforms? Here’s our team!

AI for Business

Scott Rose

Senior Principal at, bringing 30+ years of expertise in pharmaceuticals. Previously, served as Senior VP at FrontierBPM and Technical Client Partner at IQVIA. A strategic leader known for transforming technology capabilities and driving business solutions.

AI for Business

Matt Aubin

Dynamic executive leader with a stellar track record in building and transforming high-performing organizations. Recognized for expertise in sales, marketing, market access, and corporate strategy. Currently serving as Senior Principal at, driving innovation and delivering results across the product lifecycle.
AI for Business

Amit Das

Data science maven and Founder/CEO at Pioneering analytics solutions with Algo360 and KwikID, shaping the future of credit assessment. An IIM Bangalore alum, delivering impact with 20+ years of experience.

AI for Business


Co-founder & Chief Analytics Officer at Leading groundbreaking AI initiatives in financial services and healthcare. With over 9 years at the helm, Surya is a data-driven visionary shaping the future of analytics.
AI for Business

Neha Swetambari

Data Insights and Innovation leader at SVP-Product and Delivery, with a rich history in analytics across financial services, banking, and insurance. Expertise in coaching, scalability, and product management.

AI for Business

Sardul Rai

Results-driven executive with 40 years in global life sciences including Eli Lilly, Cognizant, and Iqvia. Fortune 500 and start-up company experience with accomplishments in strategy, implementation.

AI for Business

Abhishek Joshi

CTO at with 7+ years of experience. Product Owner and Founder of Kwik.ID. AWS Certified Solutions Architect with expertise in AWS and Microsoft Azure. Recognized for achievements including winning the SBI Startup Challenge and Mumbai Fintech Festival HackM.
AI for Business

Sumit Keshkar

Senior Manager Analytics at MBA from IIM Indore, B.Tech. from IIT Bhubaneswar. Certified System Architect (Pega). Expertise in Healthcare and Pharma Analytics. 3+ years of experience in analytics roles at ZS and more.

AI for Business

Kaustubh Ashtrukar

Manager (Analytics) at 2+ years of experience in data analytics and management consulting. Expertise in Pharma analytics, data-driven strategy, and multiple domains.

AI for Business

Anurag Chitta

Manager at 6+ years in data analytics. Expertise in SQL, Tableau, and Python. Proven track record in project management. Connect for insights into analytics and technology.

AI for Business

Meghna Vazrani

Senior associate with over 5 years of experience in Solutions/Presales engineering. Proven expertise in B2B sales, problem-solving, and customer relationship management. Connect for discussions on enterprise solutions, SaaS, and presales strategies.
AI for Business

Radhika Shah

Seasoned sales and marketing professional with over 12 years of experience in advertising and marketing. Currently the VP of Sales at, she specializes in enterprise sales in the SAAS and Fintech sectors.